Global dairy trends and today’s consumer habits are shaping innovation in packaging. To keep pace, dairy processors are looking for technology that delivers well on production simplicity, safety, and total cost of ownership.

We have partnered with the IDFA to present a new webinar that will answer your burning questions on Aseptic technology. Join us for this one-hour event to get valuable insights on:

  • Sustainable packaging for the dairy industry and importance of convenient and safe closures
  • Aseptic process and filling technology
  • Processed infant milk, including over 700 analyses comparing PET and HDPE when aseptically filled, packaged, and stored, and scientific evaluation of the shelf life of liquid infant milk products in PET across a range of regulated vitamins and factor
  • Importance of the shelf life for your sensitive products


Date: October 27th

Time: 1:00 pm ET


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