The plastic caps and closures market is expected to witness high growth over the next few years, thanks to the projected increasing demand from the beverage industry.  

Today, new products are constantly coming on the market, different packages and formats are needed, and more strict regulations are being created. Therefore, global producers need to adapt quickly to these changes to maintain or even increase their market share. 

When it comes to Tethered caps and the recently issued regulations in mind, we decided to introduce solutions that enable bottle drink manufacturers to switch to tethered closures with minimum disruption to their operations. As an illustration of this approach, our tethered solutions for screw-type closures offer carbonated soft drinks, water, and sensitive products players the possibility to use existing neck finish. 

With our one-piece 1881 tethered cap for carbonated products, you can achieve your sustainability objectives and provide a great consumer experience.

Novembal’s 1881 double-cut is easy to open and reclose, provides solid sealing integrity, and is fully recyclable. 

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