Manufacturers, legislators and consumers demand trends, can vary around the globe depending on different factors. Novembal and its commercial department explain and share here their thoughts and views about trends applicable to plastic caps and closure technologies by answering a few common questions about this topic.

At Novembal, we can clearly identify 3 different axes or trends related to the packaging industry:

  • Health: consumer focus on the impact of beverages on health has increased to include concerns over sugar, content and portion size. A growing interest in smaller single-serve pack sizes and nutrient rich shot formats represents an opportunity to grow capacity. It is true also, based on the most recent request from our customers, that the family sizes have seen an increase in consumption and demand during the last months due to the pandemic. As many families are staying at home, the consumption behavior changes.


  • Sustainability: legislators, manufacturers and consumers demand greener packaging. Easy to recycle bottles are well placed in consumers’ top of mind and has led to positive consumer action. A growing use of recycled materials demonstrate also the commitment of the sector to engage with a circular economy model. The sustainability trends are applicable to the bottle AND the plastic caps. Regulatory agencies are setting important sustainability goals that will be in place by 2024, according to the EU’s SUPD (Single Use Plastics Directive) and, these include design requirements demanding that caps are connected to bottles to address the issue of caps becoming marine litter.


  • Quality and Innovation: we cannot have an increase in beverages consumption and demand without quality and innovation. It is needed to maintain package’s integrity, protect the drink inside and ensure a top consumer experience while minimizing the Total Cost of Ownership.


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