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Leading producer of plastic caps and closures: Novembal awarded as 2018 small manufacturer of the year in the state of Arizona.

The Arizona plant of Novembal – an independently managed business unit of the Sidel Group, producing plastic caps and closures for beverage manufacturers – was announced as the winner of the Small Manufacturer of the Year Award in the State of Arizona by the Arizona Manufacturers Council. The award recipients represent the very best of the manufacturing community and exemplify how a leading manufacturer betters its communities and the state.

For over 60 years, Novembal has been the specialist in plastic cap design and injection. The extensive knowledge of the markets, experience, and commitment to continuous quality improvement places Novembal amongst the leaders in the market for liquid food caps. In 2016, Novembal, part of Sidel, established a new plant in the city of Peoria. 

With the opening of the plant in Peoria, the company can now count on a network of three production sites and is suitably equipped to serve its customers and prospects based on the West Coast: the product range includes mineral water caps, closures for carbonated soft drinks, juices, milk products and sports caps. 

“This award is a great honour. It entails state-wide recognition and prestige and demonstrates to our peers in manufacturing, as well as other local businesses and industries, that we are a valuable contributor to our community and to our industry. In addition to the marketing value of this award, the ceremony was also a great opportunity to meet and network with other businesses and organisations in the state.”

Omar Girbau
Plant Manager of Novembal Arizona
A responsible and innovative manufacturer

To be nominated for the award, Novembal’s products, management philosophy and how the company’s approach benefits the state of Arizona were considered. The application described the sustainability policy and highlighted the company’s commitment to decreasing plastic material usage and reducing energy consumption. It also outlined Novembal’s World Class Manufacturing (WCM) status and ongoing investment in employee training and risk prevention.

Small Manufacturer of the Year Award

The Arizona Manufacturers Council is an affiliated member of the National Association of Manufacturers, the largest manufacturing association in the United States. This community of makers ensures that Arizona provides a globally competitive environment for the manufacturing sector of the economy, one that promotes innovation and further investments in research and development.

“This award win shows that in the space of a few years, our factory has become a pivotal element in the state’s business community. It demonstrates that our focus on innovation and environmental stewardship is the right way to go: in our production processes, we are reducing raw material and energy consumption, on top of optimising our closures’ transportation. The latter initiative is projected to help save over five million boxes in the next eight years. This translates to saving over 21,000 trees. Moreover, by offering employment opportunities in advanced manufacturing and establishing Peoria as a high-tech hub, we are contributing to nurturing an attractive local community, creating values for other businesses in the area and for our industry.” 

Lorenzo Van Haelst
Managing Director of Novembal