Novembal launches a new sports cap, Novactive® 28, featuring a revolutionary non-spill technology powered by SmartSeal®

Novembal launched a new sports cap equipped with patented non-spill technology from SmartSeal® for on-the-go beverages – a revolutionary and unique solution for beverage producers and consumers.

With over 60 years of experience, Novembal is a leading provider and specialist in plastic cap design and injection. With three production plants in North America, Novembal supplies billions of caps every year to the packaging industry around the globe. Novembal is part of the Sidel Group, one of the three industry groups of Tetra Laval and a leading provider of solutions for the packaging industry.  

The answer to consumers' demand

With a consumer rise in demand towards sustainable packaging solutions with "on-the-go" features, Novembal embarked on a deep research journey to pursue the best offering for its customers and the consumers.

As a result, Novembal signed an exclusivity agreement with SmartSeal®, a European company headquartered in Norway specializing in valve technology. 

No spill, No mess! Unique  Convenient  Sustainable

The new Novactive® 28, available in various colours for 1881 and 1810 neck finishes, is equipped with a unique and patented non-spill valve from SmartSeal®. The main features distinguishing the new closure from others available in the market are:

  • Dust cap that locks at 180 degrees
  • Secure seal allows pressurized contents up to 3 bar
  • Upgraded Tamper-Evident band design stays attached to the cap to avoid littering
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • 100% spill-proof / no-mess, for on-the-go consumption 

There is a high level of quality and innovative features supporting the closure life cycle from the moulding process to the recycling. 

Michelle Wycoff, Director New Business Development at Novembal, mentioned: "The new Novactive® 28 is a true game-changer for all beverage companies that want to offer a unique and differentiated solution to their consumers. The closure offers a comprehensive series of benefits from the moment they are on the shelf: a unique design, a variety of bright colours, and an ultra-clear closure with a dust cover. And, once the consumer experiences the 100% non-spill feature, they won't go back to the traditional sports cap! Consumers can turn the bottle upside-down, and no single drop will come out of the bottle. Combined with Novembal's extensive knowledge of the beverage market and customer service approach, our Novactive® 28 is, without a doubt, the best recipe for all beverage producers. Our objective is to have the best available technology at their fingertips”. 

The closure is now available in North and Latin America.
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15 November 2021